Dance Instructor South Africa

Dance Instructor Required

Position available for a Ballroom and Latin dance instructor. We are looking to hire an additional instructor for our growing pool of students. Additional training will be provided. All applicants welcome. Dance instructor jobs in Cape Town, Durbanville, Belville.

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Life as  a Dance Instructor

Being a dance instructor can be a deeply rewarding job. You get to do something you love and share it with others, allowing you to make a positive difference in their lives. Dancing daily is extremely good for your fitness, health and confidence. You will get to meet and interact with lovely new people all the time.

Teaching dance is very rewarding – both in terms of experiencing your students’ happiness as they improve their dancing, and in improving your own dancing technique and communication skills. As the student grows in their dancing ability, there is often an associated improvement in health and self-confidence. Being a part of that growth process and building a healthy relationship with students of dance is a wonderful experience.

Life as a dance instructor also provides many creative opportunities. From custom dance choreography for weddings and shows, to participation in productions and events, you will get to push your creativity to the limit and explore the endless variety of human motion, perfecting your mind-body connection.

Working for an independent dance studio is often a superior choice to working for one of the large studio franchises, because of better wages, more creative freedom and improved interpersonal relationships. Phoenix provides the top dance instructor rates in the local industry.

Ultimately, dancing is a celebration of life, and it has the power to change lives. By becoming a dance instructor, you can be a part of this wonderful experience!

                                                   Phoenix Dance Company is a proudly South African company and is affiliated with  the SADF  South Africa Dance Foundation  World Dance Council