Matric Farewell


We recommend doing your Matrick farewell dance with style and flair. Get the edge on your classmates and dance comfortably and beautifully at your Matrick Farewell – it makes for awesome memories!

Phoenix is bringing Ballroom & Latin Dancing to your school!

Dancing coupleThe Phoenix Dance Company would like to present you with this exceptional opportunity to bring Ballroom and Latin American Dancing to your school by offering weekly classes to students of all ages. We have developed dancing programs for Primary schools, High schools and Colleges. Not only do we teach classes as an extramural activity, but we also teach dance as part of the school curriculum, should you request it.

The SADF syllabus will strive to build a solid dance foundation, based on the classic dances of Ballroom and Latin American. The dances that we teach include:

Rumba, Cha Cha, Samba, Waltz, Mambo, Foxtrot, Tango, Swing & Jive, as well as Line dances, Sokkie and Two Step.

Benefits to Children

Dancing to music is one of the most powerful ways to release endorphins.” – Patrick Holford


  • Gain self-esteem & confidence
  • Learn teamwork and social skills
  • Enhance discipline and focus
  • Improve coordination, posture and core strength
  • Improves memory and cognitive performance
  • Nourish the drive to achieve
  • Promote agility and acquire body control
  • Encourage imagination and creativity
  • Build flexibility through movement

And More Benefits

Learn the wonders of dance with Phoenix Dance Company

Phoenix Dance Company is a proudly South African company and is affiliated with the SADTA and the  SADF  South Africa Dance Foundation  World Dance Council